Custom Business Card

Written by Jill Morrison
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A custom business card will allow you to show your personality or the nature of the company you are representing. By customizing your card, it will be more interesting and eye-catching to recipients. A business card is a direct representation of your company, so you should make sure that it looks interesting and also professional.

Creating a Custom Business Card

When creating a custom business card, you should first determine the information to be printed on the card. Most will include their name, the company name, and contact information. You can also include additional information such as website addresses, philosophies, company logos, product options, and more. After you determine the information to be printed, you can then organize it into a specific design.

The colors used and style of the design are very important when creating a custom business card. Colors can be helpful in catching the attention of the recipient. However, if you use too many colors, it could work against you and your company. Business cards should be interesting, but also informative and easy to read. You should make sure to use a font and font size that is easy to read as well.

When customizing a business card, you also have options in paper that you can print on. You can choose a standard or heavy-duty thickness or paper. You can also use colorful papers if it works well for the theme of your company. For added protection and vibrancy, you may also want to have your business card laminated, or covered with a glossy coating.

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