Custom Car Graphics

Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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The newest thing in custom car graphics, vehicle wrapping is quickly becoming one of the most popular forms of outdoor advertising. Vehicle wrapping takes custom-designed graphic work and applies it to entire vehicles, creating a cohesive visual motif applied to the entire visible surface of a vehicle. An a form of advertising, wrapping supplies advertisers with access to the vast and ubiquitous commuter demographic in an exciting, modern way.

Some of the first experiments with custom car graphics advertising campaigns involving vehicle wrapping were Jet Blue Airways and Dryer's Ice Cream campaigns involving Volkswagen Beetles. Both companies used the wrapped cars as part of larger promotions, involving cruising the city and distributing coupons or other promotional items, respectively. Since them, many businesses, from small private businesses to large corporate firms, have wrapped vehicles, including projects as large as the Las Vegas Monorail.

Wrapping is similar to other traditional forms of custom car graphics in that it involves printing on thin vinyl and then applying the vinyl to the car. However, as wrapping involves different inks, printers, and often, types of vinyl, that is where the similarities end. For example, vinyl stickers often use a type of vinyl that was melted into sheets from a solid, but vehicle-wrapping works betters with vinyl that was formed from a liquid.

Custom Car Graphics Stickers

Vinyl sticker technology is by no means obsolete, though. Stickers can still fulfill the needs of many smaller or private applications. For example, small businesses that want to brand a fleet of vehicles may find stickers a more cost-effective option.

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