Custom Postcards

Written by Amy Hall
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Custom postcards can really wow your recipients with photo quality graphics and text that look both professional and expensive. The good news is that you can customize your postcards without the hefty price tag, as long as you make sure the full color printing facility you use does top-notch work. You can look beyond traditional brick and mortar printers to the Internet to get your custom postcards in a timely manner without sacrificing quality.

Look for printers that use only heavy gauge paper, such as 12 pt. Card stock, and also use a gloss finish to lock in the ink as well as protect the image from UV light. An aqueous gloss finish is typically applied to both sides of the card, for a uniform, professional look. In terms of graphics, you can use your own or you can work with the facility to customize your post cards.

The aqueous gloss finish on your custom postcards will also protect them from water damage, as well as from UV light, so it is highly recommended that you opt for this service. If you will be sending your postcards through the mail, there is always that chance of water damage if it is raining outside. Some facilities will allow you to get the gloss on one side only, while others will only apply the gloss on both sides.

Custom Postcards for Superb Advertising

When you customize your postcards, you will be imprinting your image on your recipients' memories. This is exactly what you are trying to do when you are advertising yourself and your business. It does not cost a whole lot of money to customize your postcards, yet the effect can dramatically increase your customer base, which will in turn increase your incoming cash flow.

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