Custom Vinyl Banners

Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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Many of the advertising banners that hang at events and promotions across the country are custom vinyl banners, made to fit the exact specifications of the advertising firm, client, or organization involved. Vinyl banners have been used in advertising continuously since the middle of the last century, often because of their durability, brightness, and inexpensiveness. New types of vinyl are even more forgiving and dependable, making vinyl still the number one choice for banner and sign printing.

Finding Suitable Vinyl for Custom Vinyl Banners

Unlike many other fabrics, vinyl undergoes a chain of complex processed before it is ready to print on. These processes help give vinyl the characteristics that it will have as a finished product-- elasticity, tensile strength, shape memory, and others. To a large extent, producers of custom vinyl banners and other forms of vinyl graphics look at the formative processes of the vinyl to determine what type would be most suitable for a given project.

For commercial printing applications, there are two main types of vinyl available. The first type is vinyl that is melted from a solid mass into thin sheets of fabric. This kind of vinyl has wonderful strength, making it a natural choice for custom vinyl banners, signs, and wall graphic installations.

Vinyl that is molded into sheets from a liquid form is more suited to applications such as vehicle wrapping. This is because the physical memory of the fabric allows it to be a little more forgiving in corners, folds, and dips. To successfully wrap a vehicle, the vinyl must be able to conform to the shape of the vehicle--a perfect task for this kind of vinyl.

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