Deposit Tickets

Written by Courtney Salinas
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Most of us don't give much thought to our deposit tickets. They're just these things we have in the back of our checkbook that we don't pay much mind to. Recently I had to go to the bank while my dad was with me. I went through the laborious process of filling out a deposit slip and he asked me why I just didn't use the deposit tickets in the back of my checkbook, to which I could only reply, "What deposit tickets?"

A deposit ticket is a slip of paper that looks like a check and is usually found behind all your checks at the back of your checkbook. The deposit ticket is convenient because it saves you from having to fill the same information out every time you make a deposit. It also helps you prevent mistakes you might make when filling a deposit slip out by hand.

It turns out, though, that not only do you get deposit tickets in the back of your checkbook, but also you can order as many as you like through most check companies. There are many different varieties of deposit tickets available to fit different needs. It's up to you to actually use them, though.

Types of Deposit Tickets

You can find deposit tickets in many forms. Some deposit tickets run vertically along the page and some run horizontally. You can get them one per page or you can get them three per page. You can get a small booklet that you can fit in a purse or briefcase or a large binder that's good for desk work.

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