Designer Checks

Written by Courtney Salinas
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Fashion is very pervasive in our culture today, and we have fashionable alternatives to almost anything. You can find fashionable accessories for your pets, for your cell phone, or for your automobile. It's no surprise, then, that you can find personal checks to fit every style there is.

If you are the Rodeo Drive type, you can find checks with animal prints, flowers or funky designs. If you're an animal lover, you can find checks with kittens, puppies, or pretty much anything you could imagine. The guys out there can find motorcycle, muscle cars or racing car checks. If you're more of a pop culture freak, you can find checks that feature the cast of I Love Lucy, The Wizard of Oz, the Simpsons or Peanuts.

If declaring your love for sports, fashion, or animals isn't your bag, there still may be checks for you. Religion themed checks are abundant and usually carry an inspirational message for the recipient of the check. Many check companies offer motivational or inspirational checks that will offer a nugget of wisdom every time you pay a bill.

The Downside of Designer Checks

Some check companies may use substandard papers and inks to produce their checks, which can cause nightmares for you and your bank. Cheap production can cause retailers and banks to reject your checks because they cannot verify their authenticity. These cheaply made checks can also jam up check verification systems, which can destroy your check and slow down your payment.

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