Desktop Publishing

Written by Scott Martin
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We've all heard so much about the desktop publishing revolution. Desktop publishing certainly has made life easier for businesses and individuals all over the globe. The hardest part of the process is realizing when desktop publishing is--and isn't--the best option.

Desktop Publishing for Small Jobs

Do you have a client presentation that you need to pass out at a meeting? Perhaps you need to have five copies of a given report for a short conference call, and need to get the job out in a short amount of time. Desktop publishing can give you the best way to produce these jobs quickly, efficiently, and effortlessly.

Desktop publishing is also useful if you are looking to produce rougher versions of something. Maybe you are looking to put together a rough draft of something that will later be professionally printed. Perhaps you are simply putting together your Christmas family newsletter, and want to pop something in the mail quickly in an hour.

These are examples of what desktop publishing can do for you. However, if you have higher-end jobs, or important clients to impress, you might want to consider taking your job to professional printers. They can oftentimes provide you with services that are equally inexpensive, and produced quickly--with a sleeker, higher-resolution look.

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