Document Assembly

Written by Jen Nichol
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Document assembly is made much easier using digital technology. Modern document-management services provide tools such as digital libraries for instant document retrieval as well as superior document control, and print on demand capabilities, that allow businesses to publish any number of documents at the touch of a button. Digital print tools have freed up a lot of man hours and resources that used to be spent on document retrieval and printing.

Document assembly, when done using web-based technology, is a snap. One can easily create documents online, or retrieve them, instantaneously, from a digital library. Assembly is also done online, and the order sent to the printer with a keystroke.

Experience the Ease of Digital Document Assembly

The print service who receives a digital print order will immediately act on the order, for astonishing turn around times of one or two days. They receive the order as soon as it is sent from a user's desktop, and the print service then prints, binds, and sends any number of documents to any number of recipients. There is no waste, no inferior print quality. Every copy looks as good as the original.

Document assembly can be as simple as scanning and choosing documents from one's digital library. Also, work groups can collaborate online create or update a document, and send it straight to the printer. Often, next day turn around time is a reality for digital print jobs, making "print on demand" a literal truth.

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