Document Control

Written by Jen Nichol
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Document control used to be a laborious and uncertain task. Information is arguably a company's most valuable asset, and in the past it was notoriously easy to lose or misplace. With digital libraries and digital print services, documents can be easily and electronically retrieved, printed, or otherwise managed.

Document control allows businesses to ensure that they stay on top of their vital information. Digital libraries allow work groups to collaborate online, accessing documents for which they are so authorized, and then send completed documents directly to print. Printing, retrieving, and keeping track of documents has never been easier.

Info on Document Control

Digital, web-based printing systems offer easy integration of a number of time-saving tools. In addition to print on demand capabilities, these systems offer superior document control, digital storage of documents, and easy-to-use and secure digital libraries. Documents can be collaborated on, created, collated, and sent to print right from a desktop.

Document control is of paramount importance to businesses, especially in the information age. Digital libraries allow only authorized users to access documents, and allows managers to track use. Tools and information are only a keystroke away, allowing companies to proceed with their endeavors, instead of tracking paper.

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