Door Hanger Printing

Written by Laurie Nichol
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Ordering a volume door hanger printing is a great marketing move. For just a few cents each, you'll be able to get the word out almost effortlessly. If you have any upcoming specials or deals, simply transfer your coupon or website information to a custom door hanger, and you can be sure of generating a buzz.

So how do you transfer your ideas to a printing company? One way is to hand-deliver your original logo and information. Of course, in this age, there's a far better way to do it.

Most good commercial printing companies allow clients to electronically transfer their files. You can send a PDF original file, and rest assured that your idea will be printed faithfully. For this reason, you can even send your project to a distant print shop.

Door Hanger Printing for Less

It goes without saying that having more hangers printed will get you a bigger discount. This is true with any print job, at any print house. You can't go wrong with a high-volume door hanger printing-it will allow you to better blanket the area with your marketing information.

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