Door Hangers

Written by Amy Hall
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If you really want your customers to stop and take notice, you might want to consider using door hangers. Think about it, your customers will come home from work, and as they go to open up the door, your advertisement will be hanging on the knob to greet them. Not unlike postcards, door hangers are relatively inexpensive to have made, and they can be a truly effective strategy to drum up business.

To really get the most bang for your buck, have your hangers created using full color printing on both sides. This way, your customers can see what you are advertising, regardless of which side of the hanger they are viewing. In addition, using door hangers allows you to easily pick and choose which private homes and businesses you wish to target, and you can save on postage by hand-delivering the hangers yourself.

Get the Word Out with Door Hangers

Another great convenience to using door hangers for marketing your business as opposed to other methods, is that you do not have to purchase addresses or names of potential clients. You can order both small or large hangers, or one or the other, depending on your taste, the amount of space needed for text, and your budget. Hangers stay in place well, which means they won't blow away when the wind howls.

Again, as with postcards and flyers, you do not have to spend a ton of money to effectively market your business using hangers. In fact, when you order these advertising materials online, you can get great deals when you order in bulk. Whatever you do not use this time around, you will likely be able to use for another round of advertising in the future.

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