Envelope Printing

Written by Tara Peris
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Envelope printing is frequently overlooked in the office place, given all of the other publishing tasks that must also be managed. However, truly savvy business people know not to dismiss the envelope as a secondary detail. Rather, when it comes to correspondence, the envelope is your critical first impression and should be treated with the importance it merits.

Most organizations devote a great deal of time to their business stationary. There may be meetings devoted specifically to developing a logo or letterhead design, and debate over the merits of color versus black and white lettering. As the goal is to keep your customer attuned to the correspondence at hand, this is obviously time well spent.

Set up for Success with Envelope Printing
However, it is a great shame that the effort to make a good impression frequently stops with the stationary. Envelope printing is just as important, but is often shortchanged amidst the other publishing tasks an office must negotiate. Indeed, it is all too often viewed as an unnecessary expense or an area in which shortcuts can be taken.

This could not be farther from the truth. You should assign your envelopes the same priority and importance you assign to letterhead and business cards and recognize that for some customers, the envelope will stick around just as long as the letter. Given this, it is an extra opportunity to project a professional and appealing image and one you would be foolish to overlook.

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