Event Marketing

Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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In modern event planning, those in charge of event marketing strategies have many options to choose from. Of course, much depends on the event itself--whether it will be help outdoors, or indoors, for instance. But in the came of most commercial events, the higher the profile, the more successful the event may become.

One way to help increase visibility and awareness is through advertising, including eye-catching large graphic displays or graphic installations. Many event marketing specialists may also use extensive promotion techniques, to increase awareness and brand/event recall before the launch of the event. Direct interaction with potential customers and the target demographic can also help foster brand knowledge and recall.

Mobile Event Marketing Teams

One technique that has become popular in event marketing is street-based, mobile promotion teams. Such teams often consist of a group of representatives who interact with pedestrians in target areas of the city. In many cases, the teams may carry some kind of sign or other graphic display to draw attention to themselves and their product.

A graphic strategy that is popular with mobile promotion teams is vehicle wrapping. Wrapped vehicles are often normal automobiles that have been converted to attention-getting advertisements in motion through the addition of thin sheets of vinyl. The vinyl transforms the vehicle into an instantly recognizable graphic or photograph, creating a seamless marriage of function (both for transport and advertising) and form.

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