Full Color Business Card

Written by Scott Martin
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Many of us have stuck with our black and white business cards for years. In fact, some of us decided ten years ago to make our cards more interesting with a single color involved. However, the new century has given way to a new norm: the full color business card is here to stay.

You might wonder how you would ever incorporate a full color business card. I would argue that you simply haven't opened your mind to the creative possibilities before you. Are you a consultant? Show your creativity by incorporating interesting logo or artwork onto your card. Have some pastel colors blending in the background. The sky is truly the limit with the full color business card.

Cost of the Full Color Business Card

You might be thinking that a full color business card is going to cost you a bundle. In fact, you might have admired the full color business card another colleague passed around, but didn't figure it was an expense you could handle. Did you know that a full color business card usually doesn't cost that much more than a black and white one?

In fact, if your business card is already 4 color, you might consider stepping up to the full color business card now. The full color business card offers you so many more options, and allows you to make a splash from the very start. When I ordered my full color business card, I would receive comments from each person I handed one to. But better than the compliments were the phone calls I received from people wanting to do business with me.

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