Gift Catalogs

Written by Tara Peris
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Gift catalogs are the newest trend in mail order catalogs. Marketing executives have caught on to the popularity of brochure-style mailings and have worked hard to extend their use. As a result, catalogs are no longer limited to clothing or household purchases. Indeed, they can be used for anything and everything.

The original catalogs were built on the assumption that anyone who read one would most certainly make a purchase. Thus, they were large, comprehensive volumes that were sent to very select populations. As printing costs have declined, catalogs have become more mainstream and they are now sent out to very broad demographic groups on a regular basis.

Expanding Use of Gift Catalogs
As this strategy has proven quite effective, marketing folks have attempted to find ways to extend the use of these mailings. Gift catalogs are one manifestation of this effort. Now, you can receive booklets from a host of companies vying to keep you a step ahead on every gift-giving occasion.

Even if there is no event on the horizon, they pummel you with gift ideas for mom, dad, and grandpa with the idea that you will consult their gift catalogs when the right occasion rolls around. It is a brilliant strategy and one that has increased both mail order and online business exponentially. Thus, it is a win-win situation in which the customer benefits by easy access to gift ideas, and the business benefits via enhanced sales.

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