Graphic Lettering

Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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Graphic lettering, though most often seen on signs and in other informative contexts, is also widely used for decoration and promotion. It is used in many different environments, from advertising to boats, both in interior and exterior conditions. Once simple and hand-made, many current graphic lettering installations feature complicated, computer-aided designed and implementation processes.

One of the most common uses for graphic lettering is to label a vehicle or room. Recent advances in vinyl and adhesive technology have made vinyl letter decals the most popular material for labeling jobs. Installing vinyl decals require few tools or complicated techniques and can be done by non-professionals on almost any surface.

Graphic Lettering Decals

Most graphic lettering decals have both backing paper and some kind of transfer film. Simply remove the backing paper to apply the decal. Many new kinds of vinyl feature pressure-sensitive adhesives that allow the installer freedom in adjusting the graphic before it is given the final, firm adhesive seal. The transfer paper remains on the decal to insure that the letters are still arranged properly during installation.

After affixing the decal to the vehicle's surface, you can remove the transfer paper, and the letters should stay adhered to the surface of the vehicle. Vinyl decals usually require little maintenance other than cleaning. Most vinyl used in graphic lettering jobs can withstand harsh weather for a number of years without fading or falling apart.

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