Industrial Printing

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Industrial printing technology has improved by leaps and bounds in the last decade. From the days of hand-held rollers and stampers for marking individual units and cases, to coding and marking by inkjet systems, to today's laser and digital printing, industrial printing has become sophisticated and fast. Almost any kind of container, any kind of fabric, and any kind of texture can be imprinted with text and graphics.

No matter now small the character or how large the logo, commercial printing systems create razor-sharp edges and multi-colored graphics. Crisp text, vibrant colors, permanent markings--these characterize the printing technology of today. With the capability of imprinting a wide range of sizes and shapes, modern printing affects every business in every industry.

Industrial Printing Systems

The packaging industry also directly affects almost every kind of business. There are plastic wrappers for candy, plastic bottles for juice, plastic encasements for TV sets and radios, and plastic bags for everything from groceries to cosmetics. There are rubber parts for cars, rubber tires for cars and motorcycles, and rubber bands for offices.

Safes have metal encasements, as do inkjet systems and cars. Homes are made of imprinted plywood, moldings, and lumber; buildings are constructed with steel girders and wood products. It is difficult to think of any product that is not packaged and/or printed in some manner, and, therefore, does not encounter some form of inkjet, digital, or laser machinery. The need for product identification was always there, but modern industrial printing technology has enabled the packaging industry to engage in both practical and decorative functions.

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Leadjet industrial printing

Leadjet Inkjet Printer Technology Co., Ltd, it is integrated with production, research and development, sales, after-sales to an enterpirse. With 14 years experiences of coding and marking equipments, it to be a leader in inkjet printer industry with large-scale inkjet production lines and modernization management mode, Leadjet has developed to a oversea supplier of equipment Coding and Making.

For years, Leadjet by virtue of the constant technological innovation and absorb the advanced technology of code and mark, developed a stable and reliable, powerful and flexible V series of small characters inkjet printer, A series of large format inkjet printer, C series of laser printers, it is widely used in the field of food, beverages, building materials, pharmacy, tube and pipelines, electronic component, automotive parts, cosmetic, wire and cables, and other fields has been widely used in the area of production and sales, and the annual sales is high list of inkjet printer industry of in local market.

In domestic, Leadjet has a production base, a research and development centers, two after-sales service centre, a marketing center. In Beijing, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Wuhan, Nanchang, Chengdu, Kunming, Hefei, Hangzhou, Zhengzhou, Changsha, Jinan, Chongqing, Nanning, Shenyang, Changchun, Harbin, Xian, Taiyuan, Urumchi and other places, Leadjet have set up 30 branches and work Department agencies, sales and after-sales service network all over the country.

In oversea market, Leadjet Printer machines had been exported to South Korea, Australia, Russia, Afghanistan, Egypt, disributor in Malaysia, Indonesia, India, Pakistan, Iran, and dealer in Japan, Brazil, Mongolia etc, the new market will expand to South America further to the global supplier.

Leadjet inkjet printer Technology Co., Ltd, is strict compliance with ISO9001-2008 quality system standards in customer service for all purposes, have set up a rapid response, improve the efficiency of the service system, to ensure 24-hour customer service methods. In pre-sale, sale, after sale and all aspects of the implementation of standardized, and standardization of services, get the hour of users.

The company with its own production lines, quality control, R & D, sales, after service department, good quality and competitive price is our purpose, in order to make it brand promotion, there are some promotion plans for our customers and agents, and new products with high-efficiency and strongfunctions will be put into market constantly.

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