Ink Jet Label

Written by Amy Hall
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An ink jet label is basically any label you print out using your ink jet printer. You can purchase blank labels, mailing labels, or colored labels in sheets or rolls, and then print addresses or information on them using your printer. Many offices use the inkjet label simply because it offers versatility, and can be used for a large number of applications.

You can use an ink jet label sheet to send out a large list of Christmas cards, or you can use it for birthday or christening invitations. If you have a computer and a printer at home, you can send out mass mailings with little time and effort on your part. You simply type in the addresses, insert the inkjet label sheet, and hit print.

The Quick and Easy Ink Jet Label

By using the ink jet label sheets, you are essentially eliminating the need to manually write out addresses on all of your mailing labels. This obviously cuts down on time, and saves your hand from getting all cramped-up! Once you try printing out your labels this way, you will never return to writing out addresses ever again. It's just too easy and convenient to use your printer.

Another bonus to using the printer is that labels are more clear, with little to no room for error. Unless you type in the wrong address. it is unlikely someone won't be able to read the correct address on the label. Nor will you have to worry about smudged ink or misspelled words, as your computer offers the spell check tool. With inkjet labels, you have no worries.

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