Written by Patricia Tunstall
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An inkjet is one of the most economical, user-friendly printing systems, whether for personal or industrial use. After development for use in computer printers in the late 1960s, this printing technology for business marking and coding evolved. Drop-on-demand (DOD) remains the most popular procedure both for computer printers and for large character printing in business.

Large character technology is used to imprint lot and batch numbers, date codes and barcodes, and manufacturers' names on everything from carpet to soda cans to plastic bags. Continuous inkjet (CIJ) technology for small character printing is ideal for non-contact coder printing systems. The new high-resolution printing has enabled high-density graphics to be produced with excellent clarity and intensity.

Inkjet Printing Systems Replace Labeling

Today, there is a wide range of systems that businesses can obtain to meet their needs. The most flexible systems are modular, which makes them easy to repair by employees who do not have special training in computerized systems. It also makes them economical, for replacement of parts is easy and takes little time when the entire unit does not have to be pulled.

One of the most important advantages, however, is that these affordable printing systems replace other, more costly, methods some businesses still use. Cumbersome labeling procedures are outdated and expensive; one of the problems associated with labeling is tearing, which may destroy crucial information. Pre-printed boxes and cases are exorbitant compared to having an inkjet printing system in house, especially considering the speed and reliability the system brings to the marking and coding process.

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