Label Printing Equipment

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Label printing equipment is designed for high-speed efficient printing and for ease-of-use by industrial personnel who are trained in production line procedures, not computerized machinery. Built by such renowned companies as Datamax, Diagraph, and Zebra, this equipment comes loaded with features for label or barcode printing. Speed is essential in this machinery, and print speed varies among the brands and models from four inches-per-second to 30 inches-per-second.

Labeling has many important uses in industry, from compliance labeling to ticketing and inventory tracking, to indicating work-in-progress. Label printing equipment is meant to be used by personnel knowledgeable about these requirements of business. To this end, the equipment has many features that make printing alphanumerics, graphics, and barcodes easy for plant employees.

Features of Label Printing Equipment

One of the best of this equipment is a print-and-apply system that handles up to 55 items-per-minute. It can be transformed into a high-speed label applicator by simply plugging in a new module. With a large graphic display and reliable sensing transducers to prevent misfeeds, this machine makes for easy maintenance with its modular design.

Backlit LCD control panels, auto-calibration, printhead open-lock features, wide-access print mechanism for easy loading--these features and many more make it possible to efficiently print all types of labels. This label printing equipment can handle continuous or fan-fold labels, die-cut, notched, perforated, black mark, or tag stock. Various sizes and thicknesses are readily turned out by these machines with the same high speed and precise graphics.

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