Laminating Services

Written by Jill Morrison
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Uses for laminating are numerous. Teachers laminate lesson plans and teaching aids. Businesses laminate presentations and photos. The process of encasing documents in a protective laminate material preserves them. It makes documents more useful and decreases replacement costs. Laminating services and equipment are widely available.

Options for Laminating Services

A wide variety of laminator machines are available. Prices and features vary. Some are large while others are designed to save space and fit on a work table or cart. Most allow you to select thickness settings and have a pre-set temperature. A reverse feature is useful for a misfeed correction. Other features to look for are silicone rollers and warranty.

Laminating services provide easy access to laminating without purchasing equipment. Any paper documents which are used frequently can be preserved through laminating. Some examples of documents frequently laminated are business cards, driver's licenses, membership cards, and artwork. Laminating is available in any size.

Some laminating supplies available for purchase are mounting boards and pouches. Internet sources provide many choices for machines, supplies and laminating services. Preserving documents is important to businesses, teachers, students, and many others. Laminating is an excellent choice when considering options for preserving documents.

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