Laser Checks

Written by Jill Morrison
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Choosing the right supplies and equipment for a business can have a great influence on efficiency and profitability. One option many people consider today is laser checks. They must be printed using Magnetic Ink Character Recognition toner cartridges. Otherwise, they are very convenient and have many advantages.

Advantages of Laser Checks

These checks can be used with any check-printing software package. They can be purchased packed in boxes, usually with 500 blank sheets per box. The blank checks can be configured many different ways. The configuration may be changed any time to suit the type of check being written. A wide range of styles and colors are available to create your own checks right in your office.

The blank sheets of checks are available with or without a signature line. The sheets are perforated for easy tearing. The ability to personalize laser checks to fit individual needs is an advantage not available with imprinted checks. With so many software options available, possibilities are limitless.

Security is not a problem with laser checks. They possess most of the same security features as imprinted checks. They have microprint borders and a security screen on the back so that they cannot be duplicated on a copier. They also use tamper-resistant inks. They are a smart choice for business owners seeking creative and efficient solutions to their everyday needs.

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