Letterhead Printing

Written by Jill Morrison
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Letterhead printing is commonly used for business stationary. You can print information such as your name, the name of the company, contact information, or company logos on a letterhead. You can also experiment with the design, graphics, and size or style of font for your letterhead.

Letterhead Printing Options

You can find letterhead printing services in various locations. You can visit printing services personally to inquire about prices and design options. However, if you want to compare prices and save some time, you can order letterhead printing services online. Some sites will allow you to customize your own design for a letterhead online and then they will send the letters directly to you.

Letterheads serve as an introduction to the material you are presenting. They inform the recipient immediately about the sender of the letter. A good letterhead design will capture the attention of the reader and will lead them to read on. By having pages pre-printed with letterheads, you will save some time when typing out letters in business.

Letterheads are not only used in business letters. They can be used for personal letters as well. Some will create their own stationary for personal letters and customize the letterhead to match their personality. You can use any design or format that you desire with a letterhead for personal stationary. You can use a letterhead to reflect your personality through design, graphics, and colors.

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