Written by Jill Morrison
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Letterheads are printed at the top of letters or stationary. They include a basic amount of information such as a name and contact information. They may also include a simple design or company logo. A letterhead is used to introduce the recipient to the material and inform them of who has sent the letter. They can also be helpful in filing letters and finding them again easily.

Options for Printing Letterheads

When printing letterheads, you must consider what you will be using the letters for. If you are creating a letterhead for personal stationary, you can create any sort of design you want. You can also experiment with different graphics, colors, font sizes, and styles. A personal letterhead can be used to provide information and also show a bit of your personality.

A letterhead is most commonly used for business letters. In business, a letterhead should be simple and clean in design. The material should be easy to read, but should also be eye-catching. A simple design and limited colors are recommended for a business style letterhead. A good letterhead will capture the attention of the reader and lead them to continue reading the letter.

You can have letterheads printed by nearly any type of printing company. They are easy to print and relatively low in cost. Some companies allow you to order and design your letterhead online. Then they will send you your customized stationary in the mail. Having a letterhead pre-printed on stationary will save you a lot of time in typing letters to clients or friends.

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