Make A Flyer

Written by Laurie Nichol
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Do you need to make a flyer for an upcoming event, but you're a tad behind schedule? Don't worry-you can produce a professional-looking flyer in a short amount of time, if you make the right decisions. Even if you're pressed for time, a top-notch print house can help you out.

Do you already know what your layout and graphics will be like? Okay, if you're starting from scratch, there are some guidelines you can follow. Visit a local specialty printing shop, or hit one online, and check out their flyer templates.

You can simply plug in your information and any on-hand graphics, and produce something polished quickly. If you really need help with setting up a dynamic design, no problem. You can usually find design experts in the better commercial printing shops.

How to Make a Flyer that Gets Attention!

Think about materials-thick card stock and glossy inks always get eye service. If you find a good discount printer, you can order hundreds or even thousands of flyers for just pennies each. Try going online and comparing price quotes-you may be surprised.

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