Marketing Brochure

Written by Scott Martin
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Getting your name out is the first step to your marketing process. The crux of this process is wrapped up in a little tool called the marketing brochure. Because of this, it's completely important to create a marketing brochure that captures your company's abilities and essence.

Creating an Effective Marketing Brochure

When creating your marketing brochure, you'll want to start with your overview. An effective marketing brochure should be between four and eight pages in length, definitely not to exceed 10. This means that you'll have to sum up the key points of your business in a succinct way.

One of the advantages to this succinctness is that more of your marketing brochure will be remembered. If your prospective client comes away knowing five things you do well, you've come out ahead of the game. You'll also want to make sure that your marketing brochure captivates their attention visually.

Because of this, it's often wiser to opt for a full or 4 color marketing brochure. This attracts the eye, and shows that you are a company of capital and means. Moreover, it helps your text stand out, and makes people take you more seriously.

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