Marketing Flyer

Written by Laurie Nichol
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A marketing flyer is like your company's "word of mouth"-without the mouth! By disbursing high volumes of catchy and dynamic flyers, you're spreading a definite message. How those flyers make an impression is up to you.

First of all, a marketing flyer should be arresting-if it's not catchy, they won't give it the time of day. Secondly, it should be informative and memorable. Thirdly, it should be printed on quality stock and with a well planned design, in order to promote the idea that your company is the same.

Any Kind of Marketing Flyer

You can design all sorts of these flyers to spread around. You can send color postcards that are objects of art first, and smart ads second. You can commission a door hanger printing that will have your message hanging from every doorknob in the neighborhood.

Even vibrant color posters are fantastic marketing tools. No matter how you want to get the word out, don't be afraid to use color, catchy slogans, and great deals! When the numbers come in, you'll realize that aggressive marketing is the only way to go.

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