Office Stationery

Written by Scott Martin
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Office stationery is commonly used for sending business letters to clients or potential customers. Most businesses will create custom stationery for their business. Some companies will print generic stationery which simply includes the company colors or logo. Other companies will customize personal stationery for each employee.

Uses for Office Stationery

Office stationery is a necessary item for most companies. Letters are commonly written in business to give information, to ask questions, to provide product information, or to express thanks. When letterheads are printed at the top of letters, these pages are easier for recipients to file and to retrieve later as well. If recipients can find your letters easily in their files, they will be more likely to contact you again in the future.

There are many different possibilities to consider when you are creating custom office stationery. First of all, you can choose any size, texture, or color of paper for your stationery. You can also choose from various font sizes, styles, and colors. A simple dark color or black is commonly used for fonts on business stationery because it is clean, professional, and easier to read than lighter colors.

When printing business stationery, you may want to print a different letterhead for each employee. In this case, you can print company information as well as personal contact information for each employee at the top of the stationery pages. Then, employees can send letters and can expect to receive a direct response from letter recipients.

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