Offset Printing

Written by Scott Martin
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Offset printing can offer you further customization in your print jobs. Offset printing jobs uses industrial inks, usually set on a commercial printing press. This means that you have more customization options, and you are able to use a wide variety of colors, which can be especially important in a business.

Customized Color and Offset Printing

Say that you have a particular hue that your company uses. In choosing your company colors, you considered factors such as your company image, and how certain hues would complement each other. If you take your print job to a lesser printer, your company hues might come out differently than they do on other company materials.

This essentially can lead to inconsistent branding--especially if the name of your company is tied into the color of your choice. For instance, if your company is named "Indigo Enlightenment," you'll want to make sure that the color on your business cards and stationery is truly the indigo color you have chosen. Inferior printers can make your indigo color look purple or royal blue.

Cost of Offset Printing

Depending on the printer, offset printing can incur higher charges than traditional printing. You'll want to inquire about the cost of using offset printing that's double-sided, and inquire about the number of colors needed for your print job. Offset printing uses plates that are specific to your print job--this means that you will want to make sure of the rates of the offset printing company you choose, before deciding what your printing needs are.

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