Online Libraries

Written by Jen Nichol
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Online libraries allow authorized users to access any documents, instantly. They also allow work groups to collaborate online, create documents online, and send the project to print with just a keystroke. The project is then printed, bound, and shipped out at a moment's notice.

Online libraries are an ideal way to store corporate documents and resources. With instant accessibility and easy document monitoring, online libraries save time and free up space. The modern shift to digital storage and printing capabilities prevents lost documents, allows use tracking, and permits authorized work groups to collaborate electronically.

The Power of Online Libraries

The days of files, lost papers, and archaic document retrieval methods have fallen by the wayside. Everyone who needs information at a moment's notice appreciates the modern movement to online storage of documents and text resources. Document management is done easily, by machines, and not by expensive manpower.

Online libraries create space and freedom, not just physically (or on one's hard drive), but within one's creative arena. It used to be that no matter how bright or enthusiastic our ideas, the follow-through was disappointing, which resulted in less willingness to be creative. Now, there is a very short, very powerful path from inspiration to production.

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