Online Printing

Written by Jen Nichol
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Online printing allows anyone to print professional-quality documents right from their desktop. Web-based digital printing services allow users to create and order documents with just a few keystrokes. The service will receive the order, and proceed to print, bind, and ship the completed, professional-grade documents to anywhere in the world.

Online printing, and the use of online libraries, facilitates document management, group collaboration, and document retrieval. If a document is stored on a digital library, it can be retrieved by authorized users with the touch of a button. Work groups can create documents online and send the finalized version straight to the printer.

Online Printing: The New Wave

The ease, efficiency, and superior end-product offered by digital printing services is unmatched by any other technology. The desktop is where any document retrieval or order can take place, nullifying the need to hunt down paper documents or take mock-ups to the printers. Everyone who is authorized to retrieve documents has everything they need at their fingertips.

Online printing facilitates meeting planning, printing training documentation, and group collaboration. Documents can be retrieved without becoming lost or misplaced. Print jobs can be done professionally and digitally, so that the final document looks as crisp and professional as the first, without the glitches or poor print quality that traditional copiers often provide.

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