Paper Door Hanger

Written by Laurie Nichol
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A simple paper door hanger is an amazingly effective way to advertise. From small businesses to large, door hanger advertising is a great marketing strategy. Think about the hangers you've found at your home recently-you remember them, don't you?

Small businesspeople know that this is an affordable way to get the word out. How often do you place orders for pizza or Chinese food based on a special offer from a hanger? It's simply the cheapest way to get business.

Large companies, too, often place paper door hanger ads. Marketing campaigns for Internet access providers, new stores to the area, and so on all benefit from this strategy. You too can access the same powerful methods.

Creating a Paper Door Hanger

Once you've found a good door hanger template, you can create your own design. Then, you can take it to a print house and get an estimate on how much an order will cost you. If you look up various printing companies online, you should be able to gather several quotes and go with the most competitive one.

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