Written by Jen Nichol
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Photocopies have been used for years to duplicate important business documents. However, this method certainly had its drawbacks: lost originals, fuzzy script, and decreasing print quality. Now, however, digital print-on-demand technology is allowing businesses to expertly create and print documents with the touch of a button.

Photocopies are becoming obsolete. The new digital capabilities can all be done right from one's desktop, instantaneously. One can retrieve documents from a digital library or collaborate online with a work group. Documents that have been created can be sent to the printer with a keystroke.

New Alternatives to Photocopies

When the digital printing service receives an order, which happens as soon as a person enters the print order from their desktop, the service goes into action, immediately. The documents are printed, bound, and sent out exactly to specifications. The precise number of documents needed will be printed, eliminating waste and the need for physical storage space.

Photocopies and the old-style corporate copy centers simply cannot produce superior-quality, on-demand documents like digital printing companies can. The Internet has dramatically changed the way we do business, and printing is no exception. Now, printing is affordable, professional-grade, and remarkably affordable.

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