Plain Checks

Written by Courtney Salinas
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Take a look at any personalized check service and you're sure to become overwhelmed at the massive number of check designs available. You can buy checks which display pictures of teddy bears, pickup trucks, clowns, turkeys, and little kids kissing each other. Sure these checks seem fun at first, but many people feel a little embarrassed when paying their rent on a check emblazoned with an image of a kitten hugging a puppy.

Many people feel a desire to order checks that reflect their own personal style, yet at the same time reflect an air of elegance and maturity. Luckily for them, personal check designers aren't all focused on sports cars and footballs. Browse through design offerings from several check design services, and you'll come across dozens of simple, yet unique check designs.

Benefits of Plain Checks

Plain checks can take many different forms. If all you want is a little splash of color, you can simply order a yellow, blue, or green check. If you wish to appear more sophisticated, a check with a thin marble border might be for you. Some companies allow you to order matching checks and business cards, thereby allowing you to achieve a level of synergy that is sure to impress your clients.

Even if you want to personalize your checks in a way that appeals to your aesthetic sensibilities, you don't have to sink to an irritating level of schmaltz that would get you laughed out of most board rooms. With the vast array of check designs available, it is possible to express your personality while maintaining a level of simple elegance.

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