Police Car Graphics

Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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Like most vehicle graphics, contemporary police car graphics are usually printed on self-adhesive vinyl. They can be quickly installed or replaced by graphics shops, with relatively little labor. Most will last for a number of years during the vehicle's operational life, but can be easily removed if necessary.

The vinyl used for many automotive graphics, including police car graphics, is thin, glossy vinyl that is often a single color. It is similar to the kind of vinyl used on custom racecar graphics and mods in most respects besides appearance. Some police vehicles, however, also use heavy-duty vinyl with more protective and reflective properties.

Until recently, police car graphics and other vinyl decals were difficult to work with, and required a lot of installation time and effort. The chemicals used in vinyl adhesives were dangerous, and sometimes required sources of high heat to activate the glue. The list of specialized tools (torches, heat guns, steam machines, tweezers, protective gear, etc.) nearly necessitated professional installation on most vinyl graphic installation jobs.

The Changing Nature of Police Car Graphics

But law enforcement vehicles and graphics have changed dramatically. Simple graphics, such as the black-and-white color scheme of old have given way to complex systems of stripes and text that help identify the exact function of the vehicle. Using vinyl graphics also allows police forces to dress up normal vehicles for operational use with comparatively little preparatory time or effort.

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