Post Card Marketing

Written by Amy Hall
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There are some excellent online full color printing services that can handle your postcard marketing campaign in as little as two business days. This may surprise you, as your impression may have been that ordering full color postcards could take many days, even weeks to complete. However, with the latest state-of-the-art technology, color printers, such as the six-color Komori printer, can turn out top-notch postcards in hours.

Many services that specialize in postcard marketing will also handle the mailing for you. This means that you can order your full color postcards, provide the addresses of your recipients, and the printing service will send them out for you. This not only expedites the matter, but also can save you money on postage.

You do not have to totally hand over the reins to the printing company if you want to feel completely in charge and involved with your postcard marketing campaign. Essentially, you can handle the whole affair, from choosing the graphics, the gloss, and the text, to deciding who will receive your postcards and more. Printers will do what you ask, as long as it is possible, so the ball is in your court.

The Expedited Postcard Marketing Campaign

While many online services are fast, you should probably give them more time to fill your order if you are customizing your postcards. This is only because custom postcards often entail more detailed graphics, which may take longer to produce. As a general rule though, many professional printers can take an order and have it completed within two to three business days, so you can get your marketing campaign underway in no time.

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