Postcard Design

Written by Amy Hall
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Are you confused about postcard design? Perhaps you are not sure of where to even begin with the graphics and text, and you would prefer someone to help you in that department. Many online full color printing shops can assist you with your postcard design.

Or, if you would rather take matters into your own hands, you can download some free templates from the print shop you are using. This can be a fun way to play around with the postcard design, and get a few different ideas for graphics and text. There are Photoshop templates, CorelDraw templates, Freehand templates, and much more. All of these templates are free to download, and they come with instructions for accurate set up and use.

Included in each file for postcard design is a guide that will explain to you such concepts as bleed, trim, and safety specifications. You can print out samples from your own computer to see exactly what you were able to create. If you like what you see, you can send the design over to the server of the company you are using, and they can take the order from there. Within a week, you should have your color postcards in hand.

Need Help with Postcard Design?

It may sound too confusing or complicated to you to try and download design templates and play around with software yourself. However, most people who have limited computer and software knowledge can still manage to design and create incredible postcards using the free templates. If you are still uncomfortable with this idea, many printing shops will have one of their experts work with you to come up with the design of your choice.

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