Written by Scott Martin
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Postcards can be used for various reasons, but they are most commonly used to send greetings or information by mail. Confidential information is not usually included on a postcard because they are not sealed in an envelope. A postcard is typically sent on its own after a stamp has been attached. So, for this reason, a postcard usually includes simple greetings rather than important information.

Postcards are commonly printed with pictures of vacation spots or landmarks. Many people will send them to family or friends while they are on vacation. You can send a postcard to show the beauty of the place that you are visiting. They can also be printed with jokes, cartoon characters, words, or other graphics. You can even design a custom postcard with the help of a printing service.

Printing Postcards

Postcards are usually designed with one blank side and with a printed picture or graphic on the other side. They are typically printed onto 4x6 or 5x7 sized cards, but you can choose from other sizes as well. They are also typically printed onto thick, high-quality glossy card stock. Some cards have a protective aqueous coating as well for extra protection.

Printing custom postcard designs can be great for use as gifts, decorations, and for sending extra personal greetings by mail. You can choose to create your own design, or to use personal photographs on a custom postcard. Many printing services are available to help you through the process of designing and printing a custom postcard design.

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