Poster Printing

Written by Anthony Tedesco
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Posters are a great way to advertise a business because of the broad audience they can reach. While a television commercial is probably the most efficient, posters are a great alternative, locally and nationally, because people will see it while driving or walking by. Poster printing has made it possible to get a huge number of posters printed. So much so that it actually costs more to place them than print them!

Posters are printed using the same techniques you find employed in catalog and brochure printing. Offset lithography remains the number one choice in poster printing. The only real difference between catalogs and posters is image size, and occasionally the printing medium. Poster stock is a bit heavier than standard paper, although not as thick as brochures.

Posters can be printed front and back like any other medium can. Printing front and back is only really useful for places where your audience will have access to both sides, like a bus stop or train platform. Speak to a graphic designer or your tech staff to determine the best printing design.

Using Posters Effectively

Poster placement is a concern of any marketer. It's not enough to have a poster in a store window or stapled to a telephone pole. Nowadays posters blanket walkways at construction sites or fill bus stops. Train platforms are also covered with posters offering a wide array of products and services. The best decision you could make for your business would be the use of an advertising firm to help you get the word out effectively.

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