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Written by Scott Martin
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If you would like to print postcards with custom designs, you can obtain the services of a professional printing company. Postcards can be printed with personal or professional photographs, artwork, graphics, custom designs, or text. They can be printed with personal photographs if you would like to send them to friends or family. Postcards can also be printed with business logos and information as an advertising tool for a company.

Choosing to Print Postcards

When you choose to print postcards, you must also choose from various design options. Initially, you must choose the size of postcards that you would like and the type of paper that they will be printed onto. Most people will choose either 4x6 or 5x7 size for their postcards. The thick, glossy card stock is the most common type of paper for printing postcards because it is durable and has a professional appearance as well.

After you have chosen the size and texture of your postcard, you must decide on a custom design. You can create a design on your computer, or you can use a photograph or drawing for the front side of your postcard. The back side of your postcard can be designed with four-color print, black print, or can be left blank.

The design that you choose for the back side of your postcard often relates to the purpose of the postcard. If the card is used for business, most back side designs will include printed information about the company. Then, the front side may show a picture of the services or products offered by this company. If you decide to print postcards for personal reasons, the back side will often be left blank. Then, personal messages can be written by hand onto each postcard that is printed.

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