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Written by Scott Martin
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When's the last time you took a project down to your local print shop? Did you have to wait in line, and did you find that the prices were exorbitant? Did you need a job done within two days, and find out the wait time was six times that long?

Say goodbye to the print shop of yesteryear, and say hello to the online print shop. The advent of the online print shop makes printing your projects easier than ever. You simply design your project online, upload any necessary artwork you have (such as your logo), and then receive the finished product at your doorstep quickly.

Why the Chain Print Shop Falls Short

One of the most alluring options nowadays seems to be the chain print shop. Sure, they're open 24 hours in most places, and you figure that because they're a chain, they'll offer you the best deal. Unfortunately, their prices still remain exorbitantly high, and their limitations are glaringly obvious.

Sometimes, you need more than simply a stack of color copies. Sometimes you need design services, embossing, or other key processes performed on your print job. For these more intricate projects, you'll want to consult a professional print shop--and there's no more convenient way to do so than online.

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