Printable Address Label

Written by Amy Hall
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You can buy printable address label sheets or rolls from any retailer that sells custom labels, mailing labels, and business labels. Many consumers opt for personalized address labels, that they can purchase already printed. Other people prefer to order their labels blank, which gives them the option of printing them out on an individual basis, using different addresses.

You can use a printable address label for either a return address or an outgoing address. If you are not sure how you will use it, the best thing to do is pick out the label you like, and print them out as you need them. This way, you can use it for an outgoing mailing label, or as your return address on a letter or package.

The Printable Address Label

The great thing about address labels is that there is a wide selection of styles to choose from, so your mailing labels can truly reflect your personal taste and style. It is not uncommon to see address labels with not only the sender's address, but a photo of a dog, cat, angel, bouquet of flowers, or a child. People are enjoying the freedom and creativity that comes with customizing your own address labels, as it reflects their personality a bit.

Even businesses are using custom address labels, with graphics that showcase their company's products or services. You will often see things such as sunsets on a mailing label from a travel agency, or a label with a hammer and nails on it from a general contractor's office. The options are endless, so have some fun with it, and give everyone a glimpse into your personal style.

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