Printing Companies

Written by Scott Martin
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Let's be honest. There are plenty of printing companies out there, and each one wants your business. From local mom-and-pop printing stores to online conglomerates, you'll have your hands full deciding which one is truly the best deal with the most to offer. That's why we've put together a few tips here to help you choose the printing companies that are right for you:

Choosing the Right Printing Companies for You

You can go about this methodically--after all, establishing a business relationship that will last will benefit you far into the future. Keep the following tips in mind, and never hesitate to ask as many questions as you need answered.

Check your order size, and make sure your printing companies can accommodate it. Make sure to ask if they will be sending your order out, as this will usually create more cost and delay your order. Which printing companies deliver? Will they deliver to a billing address only, or could you have the cards delivered to your clients who need them? What color capabilities do these printing companies have? Can they accommodate full color, and lithography?

How closely will each company be willing to work with you during the process of your print job? Some printing companies are very "hands-off," and will refuse to help you, while others are happy to offer design tips and aid.

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