Professional Printers

Written by Anthony Tedesco
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Current printing businesses are incorporating all of the latest and most advanced printing options into their offerings. Professional printing has always been a major industry, but with newer developments like metallic and glow-in-the-dark inks, the industry has grown exponentially. Whether you need printing for a catalog or the packaging of one of your products, professional printers can make it look--and feel--the way you want.

Shopping for Professional Printers

Spending the time finding the right printer is as important as choosing the design of your catalog. How many copies of your printed material do you want? What is the each printer capable of handling in terms of overall volume? If you are only handling a few hundred pieces, a smaller publishing firm is a safe bet, but if you need thousands of copies of something, you're going to need to visit one of the big boys.

Professional printers charge based on inking choices and volume. Offset printing is still the biggest seller in printing today, and the price for this method continues to be fairly universal. The variance comes in the design of the packaging, thickness of color and the total number of pieces.

Package deals are a great way to save a fortune when getting printing done professionally. A good package deal includes a catalog and brochures as well as postcards and mailers. Again, quantity will determine the final price, but most printing companies offer incredible deals and incentives when you buy all of these elements in bulk. If you have a very active account with a specific printer you are more likely to incur great bonuses and deals on future purchases.

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