Purchase Order Forms

Written by Jill Morrison
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Purchase order forms are used in nearly every type of business. They serve as a way to record orders placed by customers. Recording all orders and transactions is a necessary step so your business can stay organized and legally protected. You can create your own purchase order forms, or have them printed by a printing company.

Characteristics of Purchase Order Forms

Purchase order forms contain specific topics of information that you will need for placing orders. Topics may include name, name of company, personal address, company address, telephone number, e-mail address, credit card number and expiration date, type of product ordered, quantity of products ordered, chosen color(s) of products, shipping options, product sizing, etc. The topics included on a purchase order form will depend on the type of product and the type of company where a purchase is being made.

A purchase order form can be made available in hard copy form, or electronically. Each company has a different policy about filling out order forms. Some companies may use carbonless forms, others may require that you print out forms and send them or bring them into the company headquarters. Whatever the format, a purchase order form must be used for each and every product purchase.

You can print your own version of a purchase order form, or have them printed professionally. Printing professionally is usually the best option because printing companies can add your company logo or other interesting graphics or designs to your purchase order form. Printing companies can also offer advice on your printing options and what type of order form would work best for your company.

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