Race Car Graphics

Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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Most contemporary race car graphics are printed on self-adhesive vinyl that allows the car's graphics team to install and adjust graphics quickly and without damage to the graphic or the finish of the car. But until recently, most automotive graphics used non-adhesive vinyl that needed dangerous chemical adhesives to bond to the car. They required professional installation, and were difficult to remove or modify without shop tools such as heat guns or torches.

Modern Vinyl for Race Car Graphics

Nowadays, companies like 3M produce easy-to-install vinyl that is simple for both professionals and non-professionals to manage. Transferring race car graphics to a vehicle is a simple matter of aligning the graphic and removing the backing film. The self-adhesive vinyl adheres firmly to the finish of the vehicle, even in high winds and rough weather.

They also produce other kinds of vinyl that make installation easier. Some types of vinyl are semi-permeable, and allow air bubbles to escape through the film during installation. Others are pressure sensitive, and allow for some small adjustments before the final pressure is applied.

Race car graphics have become popular on and off the track. Non-professional racers sometimes enhance their car with custom graphics and visuals, often produced as one-of-a-kind digital art. Company logos for performance equipment producers also adorn the bodies of many race cars.

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