Rack Card Printing

Written by Amy Hall
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Rack card printing is generally done using sturdy paper such as 12 pt. Card stock. It is important that the paper used for rack cards, postcards, and rip cards are durable, as they could otherwise easily rip and tear. To further protect the cards from damage due to UV light or water, an aqueous gloss finish is applied to both sides to seal in the color image and protect it from the elements.

Rack card printing is inexpensive to carry out, and it is one of the most popular forms of marketing today. Businesses can use rack cards on display at such places as hotels, travel agencies, car dealerships, or airports. They allow consumers to easily put them in their pockets for later reading, which is both flexible and effective.

You can choose a traditional brick and mortar printer or you can save big money by choosing an online rack card printing facility. These companies use the same high-tech equipment that traditional printers use, but their prices are typically much lower. Why? Well, online printers do not have the exorbitant overhead costs, such as rent and utilities, which means they can pass on these savings to you, the consumer.

Rack Card Printing Online

Full color printing is the way to go for all of your advertising products, because they will look more professional than plain black and white rack cards. Furthermore, you can place an order for rack cards and expect them back within a few days, which means you can get a jump start on your marketing campaign. You may prefer to have the printing facility mail out your rack cards directly to you for distribution, or they can send them to addresses on your mailing list. It is your choice.

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