Rack Cards

Written by Amy Hall
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Rack cards are essentially postcards that are used to advertise a business, service, or product. It is not uncommon to see rack cards used in the travel and tourism industry, as well as in the real estate business. You can order these cards in various sizes, with full color printing to really capture your audience's attention.

When ordering your rack cards online, you can download free design templates if you are not sure how to begin. This is simple to do, and it will not cost you any additional money. You can check out a host of design examples, and pick one from the list, or modify a design to make it more your own.

Many times you can order custom post cards that have your very own style, including graphic and text. This can take a bit longer to have produced, so it is wise to leave yourself plenty of time when placing your order. While many professional printers can complete an order within two to three business days, some projects are more detailed and therefore will take longer to complete.

Advertise with Rack Cards

Regardless of the business you are in, rack cards can be an effective way to advertise your services and products. Choose full color printing on both sides, as this looks much more professional, and it catches the reader's eye more effectively. In addition, postcards are typically inexpensive to have produced, and they target directly your intended audience. Many companies have had great results with these cards, and therefore continue to use them on a daily basis for their business.

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