Removable Label

Written by Amy Hall
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A removable label is sometimes necessary for shipping purposes, as well as in other fields such as pharmacology. You may have noticed a Fed Ex package carrier removing a label from the package once it has been signed for by you. Or when you visit the pharmacy to pick up your prescription, the pharmacist will often remove the label and have you sign for it.

Removable labels are also used for other purposes, such as mailing labels, address labels, CD labels, and more. Labels often come in rolls or sheets, which can be run through a printer, and then peeled off. The removable label is able to be easily peeled from it's sheet, and adhered to the package, letter, CD, or folder that it is delegated to.

The Convenient Removable Label

For obvious reasons, labels which are removable offer a bit of convenience, and they are also goof-proof. If you put the wrong label on the wrong CD, for instance, you can usually peel it off again and put it on the correct CD. The same goes for files, letters, packages and more. However, being able to remove labels is not always appropriate for certain situations, such as for warehouse shipping departments.

Some businesses require labels that will stay put through inclement conditions, such as from exposure to rain, snow, sleet, cold, heat, and wind. In these cases, labels that will not come off are needed, to ensure that they reach their proper destination. But for general purposes, such as for filing, sending out personal letters, or labeling CDs, removable labels work well.

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