Saddle Stitching

Written by Tara Peris
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Saddle stitching is a technique that is used to bind documents, especially those used in brochures and booklets. Depending on the size and thickness of your document, the traditional folding methods may not be feasible. This is where saddle stitching enters as an attractive and efficient binding alternative.

Who would have thought that so many decisions could go into producing brochures or catalogs? Most of us assume that developing the content is the most challenging aspect of the task, and anyone who has been in charge of this kind of job can attest to its laborious nature. However, the actual publication proceeds in several stages, each of which can require involved decision-making.

Saddle Stitching Large Brochures
The need to manage costs is often what drives decision-making during the publication process, making choices about color versus black and white or paper stock a bit simpler. However, some things may require more difficult decisions. For example, if you have a large brochure, saddle stitching may be required in order to bind the document. This entails folding the individual sheets and stapling them along the spine. Notably, it only works if there is an even number of pages in the document.

Depending on the technique, glue may also be involved to help collate the document. As this is a more involved process requiring the services of a skilled printing company or publisher, it can be more expensive. Further, whomever you choose must actually possess the proper equipment for the job, as saddle stitching relies on its own unique machinery.

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Looks amazing!!! Was thkiinng about you this evening. I attended a talk with Mark Morey, who is from Vermont, about community, cultural diversity and nature would have loved it! To say I left the talk inspired would be an understatement.Have a great weekend.